#FlashTag Bulletin

#FlashTag: Bulletin

Monologging.org invites you to help create collaborative flash fiction. The following picture-inspired story, needs to be completed by Saturday, August 8th. Every day, different authors around the world will be selected to contribute the next line. Find out how to submit your twist to the evolving plot by visiting the #FlashTag Submission Guidelines… Submit Free!

Photo By Jeffrey F. Barken

Photo By Jeffrey F. Barken



#FlashTag: Bulletin

#FlashTag @monologging  Amy tore a stub from the flyer, eyed the cost & the piano teacher’s #. She crumpled the paper.

#FlashTag@ Amy recognized the piano teacher’s name. “No way I’m calling that guy…what a sleaze.”

#FlashTag@ Wait! This is all I’ve ever wanted. I’m not giving up so easily this time, I’ll find a way.

#FlashTag@ Amy knew she was seeking excuses. She wandered through town until she came to the teacher’s door.

#FlashTag @monologging  Sweet melodies played inside. Amy knocked. No answer. She rang the bell. Nothing. She’d have to enter to learn…

#FlashTag @monologging  Amy crept through the salon. Gabe was playing Chopin. She touched his shoulders. “I knew you’d come,” he said.




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