#FlashTag: Emergency

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Photo by Jeffrey F. Barken

Photo by Jeffrey F. Barken






#FlashTag @monologging Lola leaned over Grandpa. “He’s not breathing!” She yelled.

#FlashTag @monologging “We shouldn’t be here,” Aiden, Lola’s kid brother said. He was shivering. “Nobody knows Grandpa lives here.”

#FlashTag @JeffreyFBarken Fright implied flight. Brother & Sister fled the abandoned building where Grandpa lay dying.

#FlashTag@itsjaykyall Outside, Lola called 911 from a payphone. Aiden held her shirt sleeve & stared at the boarded-up building.

#FlashTag @monologging Sirens howled. Upstairs, in the dark, Grandpa’s eyes opened. He gasped for air. End of the road, eternal refugee….

#FlashTag @JeffreyFBarken Grandpa crawled to the door. With the last of his strength, he locked the portal. He breathed. The medics knocked.





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