#FlashTag: Ghost Ship

#FlashTag: Ghost Ship

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Photo by Jeffrey F. Barken

Photo by Jeffrey F. Barken


Ghost Ship

#FlashTag @monologging “Fishermen towed her in,” Bugsby said. “Soggy blokes spied her adrift, not a soul aboard.”

#FlashTag @monologging “What happened to the crew?” Joe asked. “They’ve vanished?”  # # #

#FlashTag @NairobiCollins Months earlier: “I could have sworn I parked it right here.” “Maybe it went home.” “A boat…homesick!” “…….Maybe?”

#FlashTag@ 3,247 miles away a solitary satin glove floated on the crests of the ocean towards the shores of The Lost Island.

#FlashTag@ Kurt washed ashore in the tide. His eyes burned from the salt. He gripped the coarse white sand and coughed up seawater.

#FlashTag@ He opened his mouth to speak, to cry out, but the only thing to escape his lips was a name: Lara.






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