#FlashTag: Patient Impatience

Monologging.org invites you to help create collaborative flash fiction. The following picture-inspired story, featuring artwork by Monologging artist, Michael Hassoun, needs to be completed by Saturday, October 17th. Every day, different authors around the world will be selected to contribute the next line. Find out how to submit your twist to the evolving plot by visiting the #FlashTag Submission Guidelines… Submit Free!

Photo by Michael Hassoun

Photo by Michael Hassoun




Patient Impatience



#FlashTag @monologging Tim dialed Connie again. No answer.

#FlashTag@ The bartender filled his glass. “Put the phone down, Tim,” he said. “You gotta give Connie some space now.” 

#FlashTag @monologging Tim gulped his beer, spilling suds down his chin. “It’s my fault,” he admitted.

#FlashTag@ The bartender stared intently at Tim and his beer-soaked suit. “What are you going to do about it?”

#FlashTag@ “Nothing I can do!” Tim raged, slamming his glass on the counter & splashing the dregs. “The cat is dead.”

#FlashTag@NairobiCollins A door slams open and Connie appears wet and bleeding. “I slipped on a cat toy.” “Karma” Tim burped from the bar.








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