#FlashTag: Patriot

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Photo by Jeffrey F. Barken





#FlashTag @monologging Chris worked long days at the shop and drank away his nights.

#FlashTag @onthesidetreas1 Sad! Their dreams only as high as the flag fly. Chris stop dreaming. CLIMB! “We are the next level.”

#FlashTag@ Tired of propaganda slogans targeting his emotions, Chris sped down Main Street, cursing at the poster of Uncle Sam.

#FlashTag@JeffreyFBarken Was he delirious? Certainly he shouldn’t be driving. A red, white & blue striped figure was chasing him!

#FlashTag@ “Let him try,” Chris thought, “I’m ready this time.”

#FlashTag @monologging Foot on the pedal. Chris was blinded, begging for forgiveness. Flash back & a telephone pole, pitiful escape…







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