#FlashTag: Still Life

#FlashTag: Still Life

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Photo by Jeffrey F. Barken



#FlashTag: Still Life



#FlashTag @monologging As Senator Brown drafted his letter of resignation, shadows collected on the wall.

#FlashTag@ Downstairs, the angry mob called. No take-backs now. This was a disappearing act. He noted the date of his fall.

#FlashTag@. A sharp knock on the door shook him from his reverie. “They’re ready for you, Senator.”

#FlashTag@ “And I’m ready for them.” Senator Brown stood and patted his pocket.

#FlashTag@ Brown’s persistent, though humbled smile said he’d do it all again. “Dear Friends & enemies” he spoke into the mic.

#FlashTag@NairobiCollins Two years: Brown’s fall became a bounce. His notoriety became ubiquity. A book, a talk show, & countless offers.



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