#FlashTag: Stumbling


#FlashTag: Stumbling

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Photography by Jeffrey F. Barken








#FlashTag @monologging $10 in his pocket, dinner on his mind. A day adrift reflects the scents of church & chicken.

#FlashTag @jennadio3 Much to Hal’s dismay, Popeye’s was closed, leaving his stomach to munch on itself instead of supple biscuits & wings.

#FlashTag @19nik72 The first raindrop smashed into the sidewalk, instantly spreading into the dehydrated asphalt. What next? Hal mused.

#FlashTag @NairobiCollins Aiming towards home, Hal counted paces between bus stops and rain clouds. He ran pitifully as a bus left him cold.

#FlashTag @JemmaMarieBeggs Shivering, Hal stumbled to a stop. As the sky unleashed its fury, he ducked into the doorway of a deserted shop.

 @j Across the dusty floor, Hal saw a stack of newspapers. Drying his face, he couldn’t believe the headlines or the date.

 @ It was today. There was nothing wrong in the world. Anywhere. Not a jot. Hal shivered as the thunder grew closer.



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