#FlashTag: The Future

#FlashTag: The Future

Monologging.org invites you to help create collaborative flash fiction. The following picture-inspired story needs to be completed by Saturday, July 4th. A new line will be added daily by different authors from around the world. Find out how to submit your twist to the evolving plot by visiting the #FlashTag Submission Guidelines… Submit Free!


Photograph by Jeffrey F. Barken



#FlashTag: The Future

#FlashTag @monologging “We’ll have no power this winter if these clouds don’t break,” Nick’s Dad warned.

#FlashTag @monologging The solar panels were ice cold. There was no wind. Lights in the distance flickered, then went out.

#FlashTag@ “Shit.” Nick pulled his jacket closed, & held it tight with his working hand.

#FlashTag@ Since the accident, he didn’t trust his other hand. He kept it encased in a steel glove, far from people’s necks.

#FlashTag@ Lightning split the clouds. There were sirens. Nick’s father worked frantically, tightening screws on the panel.






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