#FlashTag: The Meeting

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Photo by Jeffrey F. Barken

Photo by Jeffrey F. Barken




The Meeting




#FlashTag @monologging The Phone rang. “Meet me on the tenth floor fire escape,” the wheezy voice said.

#FlashTag@ I’ve been waiting for this call, (Running) I get to the fire escape. “Come out! Where are you?”

#FlashTag@ The sun had set. No twilight afterglow, only shadows fading in the dark. Across, I saw the red tip of a cigarette.

#FlashTag@ “So you’re here.” An inane comment from my lips, of course. Her cigarette flared orange, red, orange, in response.

#FlashTag@ “Come out of there. Let me see you,” I called. “Why did you come back?”

#FlashTag@Monologging “Isn’t it enough to know I’m back?” My sister said, putting out her cigarette. “You know I can’t be seen in public.”





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