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Monologging.org invites you to help create collaborative flash fiction. The following picture-inspired story, featuring photography by Monologging artist, Casper Ulvscov, needs to be completed by Saturday, November 7. Every day, different authors around the world will be selected to contribute the next line. Find out how to submit your twist to the evolving plot by visiting the #FlashTag Submission Guidelines… Submit Free!

Photo by Casper Ulvscov

Photo by Casper Ulvscov





   Visibility limited, headlights pierced the fog & trailed the fugitive…

   Lee carried an important letter in his pocket along with the key to their hideout.

 @   The rain soaked Lee’s clothes. He was late. His phone was ringing.

The car still trailed him. Lee walked fast. Now he was running, splashing through puddles. He let his umbrella go.

  Seeking refuge, Lee sprinted into the nearest alley. He leaned against the wall, panting for breath.


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