Great Good Fine Ok

Great Good Fine Ok

-EP reviewed by Jacob Kresovich-

“Great Good Fine Ok” is a synthpop duo recording out of Brooklyn, NY. By chance, singer/songwriter Jon Sandler met multi-instrumentalist/producer Luke Moellman on the street while walking in New York City. Soon after, they decided to play some music together. They produced and recorded their first song, ‘You’re the one for me’ during their first collaboration. The track ended up reaching number one on Hype Machine twice in one month, hinting that the two were on to something special. Next, the duo released their debut album, Body Diamond EP, on October 9, 2014, inaugurating a nation-wide tour.

The EP’s single ‘You’re the one for me’ is an extremely catchy, high energy track. The positive vibes and upbeat feelings begin immediately and never let up. Sandler shows off his vocal ability, hitting high octaves that remain out of range for most singers. The chorus is contagious, ringing, “You’re the one for me/ did you know it?/ You’re the one for me/ can you show it?/ Show me where the love is grown.” The modern day love song employs fantastic production, transforming the track into a complete work. Listeners crave more.

The song’s music video, produced by The Wild Honey Pie, features the duo as a number of characters in an 80s-style cycling class. “Great Good Fine Ok’s” sense of humor and fun-loving behavior prompts them to play a number of female characters whose personalities range from stuck-up to overly flirtatious. Equally amusing, the male characters they play are either party animals, dweebs or fitness buffs. The video is a combination of Ok Go’s famously choreographed dance routines with Brooklyn’s fascination for era-specific sartorial culture.

The three other tracks rounding out Body Diamond EP remain true to the duo’s catchy, electro-pop style. All four of the songs are memorable and hang around the audiophile long after listening. “Great Good Fine Ok” is poised for a whirlwind adventure as they embark on their North American tour. If the initial fame they scored on the highly regarded website, Hype Machine, is any indication of their growing intrigue, listeners and fans have a lot to look forward to as Sandler and Moellman’s sound proliferates.


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