“Hall of Fame”


Big Sean: “Hall Of Fame”

-Album Reviewed by Jacob Kresovich

Big Sean’s sophomore album, Hall of Fame, continues the theme of “making it big” in the music industry that he began in his first LP, Finally Famous. Throughout both records Big Sean confronts his newfound fame, rhyming about the hard work that is required to accomplish one’s goals.

“Fire”, the second song on Hall of Fame, portrays the artist’s insatiable hunger for success in the music industry. “Tell ‘em that I need more,” he repeats.  Big Sean’s flowing verse compliments the beat, leaving listeners feeling energized and connected to Sean’s quest to make it to the top.

In “10 2 10,” the ensuing track, Big Sean gets specific about  his work ethic: “I woke up working like a Mexican / That mean I work from 10 to 10 / Then 10 to 10, then 10 again.”

“First chain,” brings the themes of hard work advanced in the first half of the album to a head.  Rapping alongside well-established rappers, Nas and Kid Cudi, Big Sean’s verse describes Detroit, the city in which he was raised. “Bullets turn bro’s into souls,” he sings, echoing the violence that marked his youth, and which continues to haunt the bankrupt metropolis.

From there, Big Sean returns to his theme of finding fame despite rough circumstances. The line “Dreams stopped being dreams when I turned ‘em into goals” again reflects the transformation of his work ethic and his changed self-image. Big Sean then shouts out to other well-established rappers, who already have their first chain, a symbol of success in the hip-hop world.

The album finishes with the song “All figured out” which starts with Big Sean saying, “Finally famous in this,” another clear reference to his first LP which begins with the same line.  The outro of the track has Big Sean reflecting back on his journey from obscurity to success, and ultimately his admittance to the Hall of Fame. Big Sean will be immortalized in hip-hop lore. The emotion and energy behind every song, either in the beat or Sean’s lyrics, lets the listener know Sean is determined to continue making great music and make it to the top.  If you are looking for hip-hop that will instill an internal drive, and to look and sound good while doing it, this is the album for you.