Leather Corduroys

Leather Corduroys

-Album Review by Jacob Kresovich


Leather Corduroys, comprised of SAVEMONEY members Kami de Chukwu and Joey Perp, released their much anticipated debut EP, Porno Music Vol. II: TSFR on April 2, 2014. The mixtape features production from ‘III,’ ‘ILEET’ and ‘THEMpeople.’

The five tracks on this album range in emotion from soulful and heartfelt in the first track “Bleed,” to openly antagonistic and confrontational in the song “Irie Trill Vibes.” Not only are these sentiments evoked through the lyrical ability and the clever diction of the rappers, the beat drives a dwelling mood. Leather Chord’s music is passionate and obsessive. “Bleed” includes expressive piano with chord progressions that suggest a sullen feeling. Conversely, the piano in the second track, “Dat Strong” conveys to the listener how serious and severe de Chukwu and Perp can be, if they desire.

“Nightmare on Chicago Ave,” is ambitious. The two rappers display their lyrical abilities, taking on extended verses with driving rhythm and emotion. Although their diction is less playful than other artists in SAVEMONEY, the sentiment behind their words is stunning. Chukwu’s verse in “Nightmare on Chicago Ave” finishes with the lyricist yelling, “Making it out on my Christopher Wallace flow / Bitch you look like Christopher Robin / Brush you off lightly, die like Christopher Lighty.” His passion for the music he creates leads him wandering around topics, but he stays focused on musical themes, like Biggie’s flow and the recent suicide of music industry leader Christopher Lighty. Whenever Chukwu and Perp slow down the speed of their rhymes, the listener is treated to a track where the lyricists’ raw talent and passion break through the fancy tempo-changes.

The artists’ wide range of emotions and their ability to enhance an array of production details on this mixtape demonstrates the talent of these rising Chicago stars. Even though these two rappers aren’t the most well-known out of their collective (Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa can be tough acts to follow), Kami and Joey belong in the fold and add depth to SAVEMONEY’s chorus of talented musicians.


Post Photo Courtesy of www.cmj.com