#Bite: #SoreLoser


Post Photo by Jeffrey F. Barken


Monologging.org is pleased to present this week’s #Bite Twitter Tales!

The following 140 character tweets were written by monologging enthusiasts across the web in response to last week’s prompt, “#SoreLoser.”

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#Bite @TheBetsyBoyd Not you but me, said the boy to the girl. She stopped sleeping. He knocked. Meanwhile she burned his left-behind wallet.

#Bite @jennadio3 We play cards at fancy restaurants. Clinking wine. Slurping soup. Sister doesnt win. Shattered glasses. Soggy soup dresses.

#Bite @TheBetsyBoyd He knew his son scored like he knew his breath at six a.m., like his wife’s hair, so he hit the umpire and kicked his—

#Bite @TheBetsyBoyd “U go!” I shriek online. And meanwhile warm my hands around an internal lamp – iLamp? — and lament my entire life.

#Bite @RogerMarket Water in the gas tank, sugar-salt swap, flaming bags of poo. I don’t get it. What makes you think she didn’t like losing?

#Bite @TheSquibbler Expressions reminiscent of children’s. Miscalculations because of one’s gender. The next round would be brutal.

#Bite @TheSquibbler You can pout. Shout, let everything out, but that won’t change the fact you didn’t win. I won’t play with you again.

#Bite @JemmaMarieBeggs $100 dollar bills floated to the ground amidst a cascade of tiny houses – a carpet of lost wealth. “Monopoly sucks”.

#Bite @ModernAlice123 She bit the tip of his tongue when he dared to put it in. He shrieked, she laughed, and then he tried to do it again.