#FlashTag: Boots

#FlashTag: Boots

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Post Photo by Loreal Prystaj






He was home. She tidied up. Supper simmered on the stove.

She hoped he wouldn’t ask her what the brownish mixture was, because, quite frankly, even she didn’t know.

Where had the boots come from? What was she doing on the floor? She couldn’t remember. Why couldn’t she remember?

Studying the boots, the shadow of a man began to bloom in her mind. The boots belonged to him. But who was he?

“Molly!” She heard his hoarse voice shouting. “What you cooking? The damned pot is overflowing.”

As the drug wore off it dawned on her exactly who owned those boots. She had to get away. Grabbing the boots she ran!

Boots clutched close, she reached the door. Muffled footfalls advancing. The doorknob — popped off in her hand.


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Post Photo by Loreal Prystaj