#Bite: Speeding Ticket


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The following 140 character tweets were written by monologging enthusiasts across the web in response to last week’s prompt, “Speeding Ticket.”

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#Bite @AbbyHiggs First speeding ticket: two cop cars. One follows, another cuts me off.Hadn’t noticed. Led Zeppelin was too loud.

#Bite @cbresner Sorry officer, I blame the pinecone car freshener for all my indiscretions.

#Bite @Breezy_Nesleezy “We’re all just rushing towards red lights,” I slurred. “Then why did you speed up?” Asked the officer.

#Bite @TheSquibbler 50 in a 30, stopped in a small town, admitted guilt. “No one’s ever this honest. Have a good day ma’am.” Warned.

#Bite @diranasaurus “No officer. No weapons in the vehicle.” Gore under his nails, he reclines his head. He waits. No cars pass for hours.

#Bite @RogerMarket I didn’t NEED to go 85 in a 55. But I wanted to. He was hiding in plainsight, of course; that’s how they get ya.

#Bite @JemmaMarieBeggs More important than a receipt, more hated than a bill, more frequent than a postcard, more contested than a will!