#Bite: Turbulence


Post Photo Courtesy of: en.wikipedia.org

Monologging.org is pleased to present this week’s #Bite Twitter Tales!

The following 140 character tweets were written by monologging enthusiasts across the web in response to last week’s prompt, “Turbulence.”

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#Bite @RogerMarket The table was set when he came in through the back door. Food cold, rotted. Everything quiet. His black eye still ached.

#Bite @diranasaurus “Did I break it?” she asked. Silence. Hands shaking like a plane caught unawares, she waited for the storm to follow.

#Bite @everlastingMCL In Sun-forged titanium sheen, Icarus stole Lazarus’ heart from an air where dream-lined plumage fanned peril’s breath.

#Bite @everlastingMCL Tenants above us pitch, roll, and yaw. Glass breaks and plaster flakes. They make more babies once the beatings drown.

#Bite @jkres14 “How did I ever let you talk me into this?” said the penguin looking up from his barf-bag. “Flying is for the birds…”

#Bite @nelben the buoyancy of the ship caused it to sway; in the storm, the sea revealed its nature; bipolar suffering and wild abandonment.

#Bite @JemmaMarieBeggs Thought stopping, heart dropping, stomach churning, ground yearning, sweat & prayer inducing, sheer, consuming fear.

#Bite @NairobiCollins We went up but quickly came down. It shook, we shook, I was shaken. 7  brief minutes became 3 hours of non-stop fear.

#Bite @19nik72 Disorder, commotion, slipstream violence. “I’m fine,” You lie through a white-knuckled smile, as you jackknife into oblivion.

#Bite @kendrabartell Plane prayers paid again-please God. Please. Not this time just keep it flying keep it lifted keep it. Keep it. Please.