#Bite: #TrackAndField

Post Photo Courtesy of: en.wikipedia.org

Post Photo Courtesy of: en.wikipedia.org

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The following 140 character tweets were written by monologging enthusiasts across the web in response to last week’s prompt, “#TrackAndField.”

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#Bite @RogerMarket A lion roared. Meek little Dorothy removed her slippers and sprinted—just a girl running for her life. #MurderCharges

#Bite @heyjamie Dirt beneath her fingertips, an icy puff of breath, knee up, and run! Today she sprints. Tomorrow she goes for the gold.

#Bite @jennadio3 The team slugged around the track late into the night. Zoe, the captain, just wanted to lay on the field & count the stars.

#Bite @19nik72 Boom! You explode from the starting blocks, muscle and sinew burning, concentrated fury unleashed, the finish line in sight.

#Bite @TheSquibbler The parents cheered their child on, hoping for State. Oblivious that the child longed for anywhere, except the field.

#Bite @TheSquibbler In position, she waited. A false start caused reset. At the signal she stayed frozen, her legs & mind unwilling.

#Bite @TheSquibbler The finish line within reach, one hurdle remained. He came to, his face feeling like sandpaper had been raked over it.

#Bite @NairobiCollins A long stretch. Breathe. Feet hit ground and miles fly. The reward: Experience and the pain of having lived and tried.

#Bite @ModernAlice123 He knew that his legs would never be long enough, nor his strides strong enough, so he simply collapsed upon himself

#Bite @jkres14 “Run, run as fast as you can… What’s the point unless the police are on your ass?”


Post Photo Courtesy of: en.wikipedia.org