#FlashTag: Tracker

#FlashTag: Tracker

Monologging.org invites you to help create collaborative flash fiction. The following picture-inspired story, featuring artwork by Monologging artist, Ronaldo Aguiar, needs to be completed by Saturday, March 14th. A new line will be added daily by different authors around the world. Find out how to submit your twist to the evolving plot by visiting the #FlashTag Submission Guidelines… Submit Free!

Photo by Ronaldo Aguiar

Photo by Ronaldo Aguiar








#FlashTag @monologging @ The concierge snoozed. Agent Clyde rang the bell. “Show me the ledger,” he said.

#FlashTag@ “No, the real book.” Digs this old had two faces: One for the sheep, one for the wolves. Clyde was the bloodhound.

#FlashTag@ Serge, the groggy concierge, jolted upright. “Clyde?” he slurred. “Who let you out of prison?”

#FlashTag@ “Prison, you son of a bitch? Who ever told you I got locked up in the first place?” said Clyde, taking a step back

#FlashTag@ The stall worked. Back alley exit, waiting car, a long head start. Aldo smiled: Too easy. BOOM! Two flats! Clyde!

#FlashTag@JemmaMarieBeggs Flight was out, leaving only… his fingertips caressed the cold barrel of the gun. Unless he told the truth…

#FlashTag@ The truth is relative, but we live in black and white. So I put the mud-pusher down his mush and counted till three.





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Post Photo by Ronaldo Aguiar