Monologue Contest 2014

The Summer Monologue Contest is Back!


Today’s Prompt:



According to, the number one “most badass” movie monologue is spoken by Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction. Your monologue could be just as memorable….

Ever feel like a good idea or positive thought slips your mind? is interested in your daily stream of consciousness. Whether it’s the first thing you think of when you wake up, or your last coherent sentence before you go to bed, a brief 250 word monologue could make you a winner.


Here’s how it works:

1.) Visit every weekday morning to learn the day’s prompt word or phrase.

2.) Contemplate your monologue.

(ADVICE: Let your mind wander! We want to be surprised and so should you. There’s no telling where the word “Socks” or the phrase “The posters in my apartment” may take you by the end of 250 words.)

3.) Submit via submittable. $3.00 per entry.

1st place winner receives: $50.

2nd place winner: $25.

3rd place winner: $15.

(proceeds will determine additional prizes. A selection of the best monologues will be published on

4.)  If you miss a prompt, don’t worry, a list of past prompts is maintained below. Don’t forget, 250 word limit.

5.)Tell your friends!

The contest will begin Monday, June 2, and conclude Sunday August, 31. That means over 60 different prompts will be issued. Write a weekly piece, write every day! Submissions are unlimited and will be judged by monologging editor and fiction author, Jeffrey F. Barken, last years Monologue Contest winner and Kentucky-based poet, Kelsey McMurtrey, and the Chicago-based author, Ben Tanzer.  For more information about the game, monologue, the contest judges, and to read transcripts of the game played in person, click here!



1.) Hoop Earring 6/2/14

2.) Walking the Dog 6/3/14

3.) Moments of Silence 6/4/14

4.) Stranded 6/5/14



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